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February, 2017
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Women have a dream (conception),
They fulfill this dream (creation),
And constantly nurture it in their lives (evolution).

Women ‘share’ love through beauty, ‘help’ others, and ‘create’ culture.

In an era of cultural and art contents following the era of the IT industry, there are endless possibilities for creative work that can be done by women. Planning and implementing creative work to bring about changes in communities and across the world, as well as to promote the growth of all humankind and cultures.
This is what we endeavor to do at the Ewha Center for the Performing Arts (ECPA, Director and a professor of dance Cho, Ki-sook).

1. R&D and Dissemination of Cultural and Art Contents
Founded in May 2009, the ECPA conducts research and development and disseminates cultural and art contents such as performances and exhibitions. Moreover, it professionally operates various cultural and artistic spaces on the Ewha campus through the highest standard of planning, and dedicates its efforts on university-industry collaboration projects in the field of art and culture.

2. Venue Rental and Management for Culture and Art Programs on Campus

   1) To promote performances in Welch-Ryang Auditorium and Samsung Hall, the center maintains close cooperation with Ewha institutions and holds various performances and events to generate profits.

   2) The center is responsible for managing and operating various facilities in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), such as ECC Samsung Hall, LeeSambong Hall, ECC Multipurpose Hall, ECC Theater, ECC Plaza and ECC Dea San Gallery, while providing a venue rental service for both Ewha-based and external clients.

   3) The center deliberates on programs offered by Interpark Theater, which is commissioned to operate ECC Samsung Hall, and supports for the smooth communication between Interpark Theater and Ewha organizations.

3. Distribution of new culture and art

   1) Gifts of art provided by Ewha
   2) Gifts of healing provided by Ewha
   3) Co-hosting of film festivals and concerts
   4) Invitations to performances held either on campus or elsewhere

4. Research and Development of Culture and Art Contents

   1) Special lectures on culture and art research, guest lectures by overseas scholars and special lectures by CEOs
   2) Art Healing Symposium Festival
   3) Hosting of international and domestic seminars
   4) Executive agency of PRAME Ewha Creative Academy
   5) Signing of University-Industry Collaboration MOU with local art and cultural agencies
   6) Academy of Art and Culture Coordination 

The first case of convergence between dance and physics in Korea
COLLABORATIVE CONCERT- Duologue, “Dance & Physics”-2016
Ewha-Luce International Seminar: Expanding Horizons

▷ Lecturer: Prof. Ki Sook CHO, Dance, Ewha Womans University & Prof. Sarah Demers, Physics, Yale University
▷ Date & Time: 2016. 6. 23. Thu. 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
▷ Venue: SK Convention Hall (Ewha Womans University)

“Duologue – Dance & Physics,” one of the programs at the Ewha-Luce International Seminar (ELIS), is the first fusion performance of physics and ballet to be shown in Korea. ELIS is co-hosted by Ewha Womans University and the Henry Luce Foundation to encourage interactions between female graduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) from the U.S. and East Asia.

The concert was jointly organized by Professor Ki Sook CHO (Dance), who is also the director of the ECPA, and Professor Sarah Demers (Physics) of Yale University. For the past five years, Prof. Demers has given a series of lectures titled, “Physics and Dance” at Yale with Emily Coates, a dancer, choreographer and lecturer of theater at Yale.

The collaborative concert was held as an extension of their academic activities.

Through the “Talk Concert” featuring dancers and physicists, “Duologue – Dance & Physics” showed the ways in which the theories and practices that are commonly accepted in art and science were interpreted by other fields, and offered the opportunity to promote and raise awareness for collaborative research in various areas.  



















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