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February, 2016
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The Research Institute of Color Design








In modern society, the world economy is influenced by the industries related to highly-sensitive consumption culture. The core of sensitive image is color, and color image is the most important factor that determines sales of products. Therefore, as the more and more people understand the importance of making use of traditional culture by making colors resources(resourcization) and necessity to strengthen national competitiveness, institutes specialized in color are absolutely required to be established that can support and develop technologies in color field.

Ewha Color Design Research Institute was founded as an appointed institute by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 1997 to meet the needs. To improve national and corporate competitiveness, we are carrying forward color-related businesses mostly based on joint utilization supported businesses by laying industrial color technology groundwork.

Our goal is to contribute to improving industrial competitiveness, national economy, and traditional color culture through resourcization. In these matters, we are trying to exchange color information from various industries, to support color consultation, to implement cooperative projects regarding color design, and to support reeducation of the people in the industry.

  • Development of color information data
  • Support for industrial technology
  • Education work
  • Publication work

Innocity Color Design Plan 




IPARK apartment complex by Hyundai Development Company   



Korea Electric Power Corporation Singori 3rd and 4th nuclear power plant 



The Korea color standard digital palette9b11175d632d6e626db97bcddbc94124_1455335304_8716.jpg

Development of symbolic images of Joseon royal family’s festivities and traditional color digital contents



Color design expert certificate education curriculum



Color design expert certificate education is an education course for various people related to color ranging from color experts, color managers, color technicians, color design instructors, design practicians, and undergraduate and graduate students. It fosters color design experts who can contribute to each corner of society by providing education well related to the industries. In the programs of color design expert certificate education, students can have practical access to colors through color seminars such as environmental color, product color, make-up color, lighting color, digital color, and color marketing.





Traditional color study / Royal folk painting curriculum




Ewha Color Design Research Institute pays attention to these original beauty of our culture and currently on a research to find a way to make best use of them in this contemporary society. In this research, we try to design symbols and apply traditional colors to show the tradition from the modern point of view and its possibility. The education course has two different levels which are beginner and intermediate level. Each level maximizes the performance by each student and allows students to experience artistic royal folk paintings that cherish human feelings

New Issues in 2015



We held the trend seminar at LG Convention Center, Ewha Womans University, on October, 8th, 2015. Following the 2014, we proposed 2016/2017 Color & Material information according to the marketing analysis of overall database from the politics, economy, society, culture and technology system. We suggested the colors and keywords in fashion, products, environments, multimedia design areas and received good response from more than 200 attendants related with industries who wants to get insights about the Color & Material as the design-differentiated factors and share the trend literacy. 




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